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Wilds is a new great multiplayer battle arena game in hack’n’slash genre. Quick login, no registration needed, intuitive yet entertaining gamelpay. Really cool arts and gamelpay tricks in this arena will amuse you. Battle other players around the world, pick up new weapons and gears, improve your character’s level and win the battle arena. This is porbably most addicting battle arena in web games list.
Awesome 2D graphics and quickly changing leadeboard along with intuitive gamelpay. All together is Wilds a new hack’n’slash battle arena browser game.
Explore new levels, find new levels, create your own character and bring your name to the leaderboard.

Don’t forget to run around the map and explore stuff like health bottles, weapons and other bonuses. Also, battle the NPC units like trolls and orcs to increase your experience points.

Wilds Gameplay

Use mouse and WASD to control the moves and directions.
Use [1], [2], [E], [Q] for bonuses and battles.
Right mouse click for running.
Click Fullscreen button to switch into Fullscreen mode.


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