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Welcome Back December

Excellent story driven game and interactive drama. Poetic moments and crazy characters. For some reason absolutely underground game. Welcome Back, December. Playsterr presents literal gold of our Browser Games Catalogue. You will love this indie browser game.
Short adventure game about the fear of the future.
Welcome Back, December is an unsettling and highly introspective experimental game that explores the psyche of a man reluctant to let go of his past.
Welcome Back, December frames its narrative around a train ride, using it as a metaphor for the changing of seasons and the unstoppable advancement of time. As you move along the train cart and interact with its passengers, you will be transported back into the foggy memories of your past. Your past experiences, both the happy and the sad ones, manifest themselves as strange, sometimes violent personages. While the writing is kept intentionally vague, it is clear that you are desperately unhappy with the direction your life is going. During its short runtime, Welcome Back, December provides a few opportunities for you to make choices that affect the outcome of the game and fortunately for completionists, replaying and experiencing all the possible story branches is not taxing.

GAMEPLAY of Welcome Back, December

Arrows to move, Z to interact.

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