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Touch Pianist

Have you ever dreamed of mastering such a great musical instrument like piano? Now your dream may come true thanks to Touch Pianist experience. Enjoy a very simple and intuitive interface with keyboard, mouse or tap-tap controls. Find and play dozens of classical musical titles as Moonligh Sonata or The Valkyrie of Wagner. Learning piano online is now possible on Playsterr.
Touch Pianist is a musical toy / instrument that allows the user to perform hard-to-play classical piano music favorites (from composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Satie, Debussy to name a few) just by tapping the rhythm of the piece’s particular sound events on a computer keyboard or a touch screen.
It also provides live visualisation of the pieces that are being performed. There is no score keeping, the user is free to perform the music in any way they wish. The premise is that it is really fun to perform a piece you know well, exactly like you feel it with so little effort.

Some of the highlights from the included pieces:

Debussy – Clair de Lune
Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (All movements)
Erik Satie – Gymnopédies (1, 2 and 3)
Chopin – Most popular pieces, and all 24 preludes
Bach – Well Tempered Klavier Book 1 (All preludes and fugues)
Beethoven – Pathetique Sonata (All movements)

Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Brahms and many, many more! Playing them is extremely fun, and no prior musical skill is needed. Give it a try and you’ll see.

Playing piano online never been so easy and reasonable before. Play piano online and learn piano in browser. You will definitely love Touch Pianist experience.

Touch Pianist Gameplay

Use mouse or tap with fingers to control interface.
Play your favourite musical instrument online in browser.

Touch Pianist

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