Tiny Rifles

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Tiny Rifles

Tiny Rifles is a new unique Turn-Based Strategy Game that you can easily enjoy in your browser. Deploy your troops, plan your attack wisely and get ready to hold the opponents’ army too. The gameplay is simple and intuitive but the strategy and smart troops deployment can change every single round and make every battle unique.
Tiny Rifles is probably the best choice for every casual gamer who loves strategy and turn-based games. Now the quick turn-based battles are possible for everyone on mobile and PC browsers.
Ready for battle? In this challenging strategy game you have to lead your troops to victory! Deploy the soldiers and plan your attacks carefully. Gather coins to upgrade your equipment and survive on the battlefield. Can you crush the enemy and win the war?

Tiny Rifles Gameplay

Deploy your troops.
Tap troops to move them forth.
Mind that different army units have unique skills and special mission.
Lead your infantry to the enemy’s camp and win the round.

Tiny Rifles

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