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The Captain

The Captain is a brilliant adventure and excellent narrative game. Stunning extraterrestrial landscapes of distant worlds. You are a captain of a landed spaceship on some strange planet. But the problem is you have to come back home. This is where the quest begins.
The Captain is awesome indie puzzle game with unique gameplay and breathtaking story.
You will step into the shoes of Captain Welmu. A young Spacefleet Captain. After getting sucked through a wormhole he ends up on the far side of the galaxy. You need to get home.
The full game will feature a larger strategic game mechanic where you decide what to do and where to go next.
This demo will start with you landing on a desert planet after receiving an emergency signal from the surface.
Preserving the magic power from classical graphical adventures like Monkey Island, adding a slice of RPG and topping it off with a layer of Strategy makes the result feel, and be, more open world. Giving the player complete control of his own destiny and design in multiple solution puzzles and you get a pure story crafting.
The Captain Indie Game is the gold of Playsterr games collection.

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GAMEPLAY of the Captain

Use the mouse to make move and control the interface.
Hover over things and background to interact.

The Captain

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  1. In the introduction, it’s “piqued your interest”, not “peeked your interest” 😛

  2. Great game, brought back so many memories from old adventure games i used to play with my dad. I really enjoy the different ending posibilites, and wonder if this branches trough the story and final outcome. The humor is great too, reminded me of Monkey Island. Overall a really nice experience, cheers!

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