The Best PC Games of 2016 [TOP 10 Games 2016]

What Games to Play in 2016

Best PC Games 2016
The gaming year of 2016 is rolling on however a half is already behind and it is time to look what we’ve got this year, fellas. What games have released in 2016? What game titles to look and which ones to avoid? The WIN and the frustration of this year. We will list the TOP 10 Games of 2016, of course. Read on and know what games are the best and the most anticipated in 2016, according to the Google Trends.
No doubt, this year is really exciting for every gamer and the gaming industry. We’ve got so many amazing titles that we can fap to just reading these hardcore legends as: DOOM, Tom Clancy’s: The Division, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Far Cry: Primal, Hitman. Looks like we all know what we are doing this summer 2016. But surely, some game developers may screw up their products and we will have a bad time with another 8 hours/20 dollars thing. It happens. That’s why we are going to read some gamer audience reaction and watch the let’s play videos first.

Fact 1: Far Cry Primal: 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended. [tweet]
Fact 2: It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten our hands on a new DOOM game — 12 years [tweet]
Fact 3: developers inXile Entertainment accrued one shed-load of crowdfunding cash to make this A Thing (almost $5,000,000) [tweet].

The most anticipated games of 2016. Longlist.

Hope, anticipation, agony and joy – it is the endless cycle of emotions we gamers go through during the annual PC release schedule. Every single year, games – via Steam and otherwise – are produced in such varying degrees of quality that no announcement is destined for certain success. Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, franchises are born while others dwindle and occasionally – so very occasionally – a game actually lives up to our expectations. Now, let us go strictly to the business and list TOP 10 PC Games of 2016.

Batman: Arkham City

$9.99 at Amazon

They believe in a simple thruth that”If you liked X, you’ll love Y!”. Of course this can be the cheapest of critical plaudits, but sometimes nothing else will work out. More precisely: If you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, you’ll love Batman: Arkham City. Developer Rocksteady Studios picked everything from Asylum that worked well (thrilling fighting, excellent voice acting), though it delivers far less innovation. This makes Arkham City derivative, but the game’s packed with enough goon-busting fun that it still stands as one of the PC’s best action games.

Dead Island

$14.99 at Amazon
You can watch and enjoy the Dead Island gameplay, it is already available:

When Techland’s Dead Island trailer debuted, it featured one of the most moving video game sequences ever produced: a small child and her family being slaughtered by zombies against the backdrop of a soft, haunting Giles Lamb musical score. Dead Island’s gameplay doesn’t quite match the trailer’s promise, but the open-world action-RPG offers a very solid zombie-slaying good time as you craft weapons and try to stay alive in an island paradise gone wrong.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition takes everything that made Capcom’s original 2008 release an impressive action game and expands on it. The game includes the Legendary Dark Knight enemy horde mode that was added to the original PC port, as well as three new playable characters, improved visuals, and subtle gameplay tweaks. Some of the weaker aspects of the original release, such as the repetitive story campaign, remain and slightly tarnish an otherwise brilliantly polished title. Overall, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is a rock-solid action game that is well worth picking up for fans of the series and action buffs alike.

Dishonored 2

Steampunk, stealth and stabbing – what more could you want? Set 15 years after the events of the original, Dishonored 2 will allow players to choose and swap between previous protagonist Corvo and a now-grown-up Emily Kaldwin. Each character boasts their own perspective on events as well as a host of unique powers, adding even more replayability.

Dishonored 2 release date: Spring, 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If gun-arm augmentations, late’ 90s sunglasses and an ongoing struggle with the perils of nicotine addiction don’t sell Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PC to you, perhaps the game’s apartheid themes, illuminati references and the shiny visuals of Eidos’ new Dawn Engine will. If not then we can’t help you.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date: August 23, 2016

Far Cry Primal
$59.99 at Amazon
With Far Cry Primal, developer Ubisoft abandons all political pretenses and focuses on what made Far Cry stand out from its peers when the series debuted: the open-world sandbox. You play as a Stone Age hunter named Takkar, and your goal is to secure a safe haven for your people, the wandering Wenja tribe, in the prehistoric realm of Oros. Melee combat and beast companions set Primal apart from past Far Cry games and make exploration feel much more personal and engaging. But its story is simpler and more straightforward, so if you were hoping for eccentric villains and outlandish melodrama, Primal may leave you a tad disappointed.



Why we like it XCOM 2’s core – its unparalleled turn-based combat scenarios – has undergone lots of little tweaks, which combine to make every turn feel precious and important. As an experience that puts you in control, lets you relish victories, forces you to truly mourn mistakes, and allows you to grow as a tactician against insurmountable odds, it is near faultless.


Globetrotting baldie Agent 47 is at it again, and this time he’s heading to three massive sandboxes to kill a bunch more baddies. Hitman’s six city sandboxes (three of which will be released post-launch, but fear not: all the Hitman DLC will be free) will each be seven times the size of Hitman: Absolution’s largest area, which means plenty of convoluted assassinations. Better still, the game’s announcement featured exactly zero BDSM nuns.

Outlast 2

You can watch and enjoy the Outlast 2 trailer, it is already available:

Jump scares and hiding in lockers is all set to return. Outlast 2’s brief trailer reveals almost nothing about the game’s narrative, but if it’s anywhere near as harrowing as the original then it’s one for horror fans to watch, preferably through the lens of a night vision camera.

Outlast 2 release date: Fall, 2016


Doom is released in May 13th, 2016. You can grab it on Steam or through Bethesda’s list of retailers. It comes in two forms, the standard and collector’s editions. Both get access to the following for popping a pre-order:

One “unique and customizable” Demon-themed armor set with three skin variations
Some cosmetics in the form of six metallic paint colors and three id logo patterns
Six hack modules. These are multiplayer consumables we’re at least hoping aren’t the start of Doom microtransactions.

Battlefield 1

You can watch and enjoy Battlefield 1 official trailer, it is already available:

The game’s got tanks, biplanes, horses. Bayonets. Flamethrowers. There’s 64-person multiplayer as well as a single-player campaign. The campaign will go to Arabia, Italy, and France, among other areas. Sounds like they’re aiming for realism.

EA appears to be partnering with Microsoft for this marketing push; for the reveal event, all of the posters were plastered with “Xbox One” and they specifically announced that the game will be playable “first” on EA Access on PC and Xbox. (No date there yet.)

The Gamer audience choice of 2016. Google Trends.

We do not want to be limited by the game developers’ and magazines’ words only. It is awesome to know what actually the gamers audience seek and what we all guys can not wait to play in 2016. Here is a list built according to the Google Trends of 2016 in gaming industry. This is what we all googled most this year.

  1. Battlefield 1
  2. Dark Souls III – Video game
  3. Tom Clancy’s The Division
  4. Overwatch – Video game
  5. Far Cry
  6. Uncharted
  7. Doom 4
  8. Xcom 2
  9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  10. Hitman

Screwed-ups and Possible Frustration

Bad Game Development happens. Especially this may happen in the titles rich years as 2016. Too many games, too many hyped titles, too much money for marketing and other irrelated stuff that does not convert into the good gaming experience for a player. Of course, there are several games that probably screwed up in 2016 or going to screw up. For instant, DOOM 4 is getting so much traction on the Internet and so many reviews however there are also so many negative feedback on the upcoming Doom from the players.

This is what people say about Doom on gamespot dot com:

You Hype doom or not?

I’m not interested in newest Doom as well like most PC gamers. Just when they removed horror and added fast casual gameplay, open maps with AI spawn, i’m not interested in this game. It’s same like Call of Duty with bots.
I don’t think many people at all are interested in Doom. Looks pretty damn boring so far. I think dropping the horror aspect was a big mistake.

Doom 2

Another user replies:

I see why people are not ready to jump on Doom 4. What we have seen have been touch and go. Stuck somewhere between doom and Doom 3, there is a lot of “close to looking good” moments in what we have seen, but it seems to always fall short. That said my local games store gave one hell of a preorder deal. So I DO have the game preordered (abeit a physical copy this once, since it is around 20$ cheaper then on steam with this deal).


Link to the forums

So, looks like people are not really excited about Doom and guess that it could be just a hype. However this requires more in-depth discussion and better argumentation. The time will show…

The year of 2016: Big Hopes, Much Gaming

Let us be honest, this is a big year and great time for a gamer. This year is already successful and awesome for so many game titles showed up together at the same time. Of course, some of them will be our favorite, some will be okay and a few will be the bad time for us. But, hell, just read these sweet for every gamer’s ear words: Doom, Tom Clancy’s, Battlefield. Isn’t it exiciting and breathtaking to dive into the ocean of these hardcore legendary games? Yes, it is. Thank you, Mr. 2016, we will remember you as the good year for gaming.

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