Playsterr is looking for new Game Developers

Game Developer

Hello dear gaming community and the developers. We are glad to announce that Playsterr starts a new program for Game Developers of HTML5 games. We are seeking for new talents, even newbie ones to the Game Development but with a passion to build up new games and create real masterpiece. Playsterr Game Developers Program is a proposition of cooperation with any level of Game Dev on mutually benefici...

Playsterr, what’s new? Play games Online!

Play Games Online

Playsterr continues to update and increase in amounts our Games Catalogue. We would like to announce hot updates and new stuff that been recently represented on Playsterr gaming platform. You love to Play Games Online and we like to share the games with you. Enjoy! Doodle Jump This game is a great thing for everyone who loves arcade games and scores. You play as a little green Doodle and your task...

Playsterr gaming platform for browser-based games

Playsterr gaming platform for browser-based games

Hello, gaming world! This is our very first blog post and we are glad to introduce you our brand-new rockstar project Playsterr! Playsterr is a gaming platform and gaming community for browser-based games. Playsterr’s games catalogue updates daily and represents only best games and demos just for FREE. Absolutely. This is the main concept of Playsterr platform – to share awesome games ...

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