Square Puzzle

Tap Squares and Solve Quests

Square Puzzle

Welcome to the Square Puzzle Game quests. A logic puzzle game with minimalist arts and intuitive gameplay.
This Puzzle Game is a special gem in Playsterr’s Web Games Catalogue. Square Puzzle Game is a perfect playground to train your brains, enable logic skills and enjoy an intuitive yet awesome gameplay. The web game itself looks simple with a very minimalist setting. Your mission is to move the squares from their start point to the points regarding their colors. You will advance to the next level as soon as you set all squares to their points.
As you may see the first levels are really easy and intuitive while every single next level becomes harder and harder. Pay attention to the arrows because this is an instrument that influences over square directions. Also, understand the spirit of this game. The difficult levels require not only tapping but the strategy. You can interact with your squares with the help of the arrows and pushing one figure to another.
This puzzle game does not require fast insights and there is no timer. But you must understand the basics of mechanics in this puzzle and how can you deliver a square to the required point. For some reasons Square Puzzle Game is similar to the Chess and Rubik’s Cube.
Enjoy this logic puzzle game in your browser and mobile! Do your best to reach 20s levels and share your exprience in your social pages.

Walkthrough of Square Puzzles

Square Puzzle Gameplay

Tap to move a square.
The arrows on the top of square shows the direction.
Squares will change their direction if they ecounter the arrows.
Deliver all squares to their check points regarding their colors.

A game about squares

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