Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders

Welcome to the outer space, dear galaxy nomad, welcome to the world of Solar Crusaders. It is stunning multiplayer RPG strategy games with space setting. Hundreads of planets, other players ships and worlds wait you in Solar Crusaders.


Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy space game featuring a sandbox universe, real-time battles, base building, exploration, crafting and more.


Pilot customizable ships in a galaxy populated by both players and A.I. controlled units
Guide your ships through the galaxy exploring both curated and procedurally generated star systems, moons, planets, asteroids, and singularities
Colonize locations as you see fit to expand your influence across the stars
Mine ores, refine fuels, trade resources; or simply pirate and plunder what you need
Hire stronger and braver crew members from five different races to command and pilot your ships

Top-down Space Game using the latest WebGL technologies!

Gameplay Instructions Solar Crusaders

Use mouse to control and manage interface.
Solar Crusaders

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