Rest House Adventure

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Dear Gamer, this browser game is very heavy 3D adventure.
Please, wait 1-5 minutes til it uploads all necessary stuff and then play.
You can switch into Fullscreen mode and enjoy the game.

Rest House Adventure

Welcome to the world of Rest House Adventure Game! Stunning pictures of abandoned hotels and streets. You will definitely love the 3D graphics and easy gameplay. Walk through the premises and streets to get idea what has happened to this place. Rest House Adventure is really beautiful yet mystic experience that now is available in your browser. True detective story.

GAMEPLAY Rest House Adventure

Use WASD keys to control the directions you move and space to jump.
Use mouse to control the view.

FEATURES of Rest House Adventure

There are 5 levels. Every level hase its own story and movie witch you can unlock if you reach the end. Rest House feature length movie can be unlocked if you end the game.

After life there is underworld full of creatures and plants. “All human effort isn-t worth more than one mutual , even unpredictable kiss between a plant and the sun”. Based on the story “Being Dust” by Santiago Dabove.

Young man tortured with a serious mental disease, who runs away from a psychiatric hospital, has accident on the field where he wishes to bury himself and become a plant. While he is lying buried under the ground, he remembers phantasmagorical scenes from his recent past and present.

In the fantastic world that surrounds him in the ground where he lies buried main character wishes to become a plant because plants have discovered the meaning of static and egoistic life.

Rest House Adventure

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