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Without any doubt, computer games have long become a unique art form of its own. At Playsterr we truly believe that any art in its essence is a true driving force of creativity that should mesmerize and shock minds by delivering unique content in any form. Making a debut as a simple and even primitive form of entertainment, it has progressed from scripted demos to visual masterpieces. Programmers ...[Read More]

AAA Games

As gamers, it’s easy to lambast developers when games don’t meet our expectations. Fable and Peter Molyneux, for example, were well deserving of criticism after Fable’s mechanics did not live up to Molyneux’s wild claims. However, we must also take into account that often, game developers really do sometimes face insurmountable hurdles that plague game development. These are hurdles that go beyond...[Read More]

The gaming year of 2016 is rolling on however a half is already behind and it is time to look what we’ve got this year, fellas. What games have released in 2016? What game titles to look and which ones to avoid? The WIN and the frustration of this year. We will list the TOP 10 Games of 2016, of course. Read on and know what games are the best and the most anticipated in 2016, according to the Goog...[Read More]

Video Game Tester

The Gaming Industry keeps booming in 2016 and this entertaining business has already topped 630 million dollars (just in the US). As you probably guessed, it is very likely to have a piece of this huge pie for everyone. Literally for everyone – for the game developers, publishers, marketing guys and the game testers, of course. Isn’t it awesome, to make money by playing video games? But a fe...[Read More]

How to Become a Game Developer

So, it seems that you have a dream and a strong desire. Just as millions of other people on this planet. A dream to become a Game Developer and to start Creating your own Games. Awesome. Because Valve, Electronic Arts and Blizzard started with a big dream too. Now they are the leading game developers and the sharks of the industry. Read this 100% Ultimate Guide and learn how to become a Game Devel...[Read More]

Indie Review: Adele Following the Signs

Today’s gaming industry is literally flooded with zombie themed titles. Although this type of games still retains a place of its own, it seems that the zombie craze is slowly fading away. But we want to dwell upon a particular game, which is also set in a zombie apocalypse universe and has a unique charm of its own. Adele is a 2.5D puzzle-platform game developed by Unosquare. The game center...[Read More]

Make money playing games

There is no secret that the generation of milllenials consider the Video Games as a part of their culture, life-style and pastime. But if millions of people all over the world love and enjoy playing games everyday does not this mean that the Video Games and Online Games have become more than just a GAME? Is this possible to make money playing games today? Probably yes. You are able to make some mo...[Read More]

darkensang online

Hello vast internationl gaming community and welcome to 2016, the era of the best browser games ever. Why exactly 2016? Because WEB technologies and browser capabilities never been so powerful and significant  before. There are so many great programming and design features showing up recently that the browser games world is changing dramatically instantly. Let us dig deeper for these new technolog...[Read More]

Game Engines

How to build a game from a scratch? How to become a Game Developer? How to create a simple WEB game? Probably you asked yourself these questions and you become more and more confident on starting up your gaming project. Well, it is good because we are at the same page and have answers for you! First, it is necessary to take into account that building a game from scratch is not that great idea. Pro...[Read More]

Game Developer

Hello dear gaming community and the developers. We are glad to announce that Playsterr starts a new program for Game Developers of HTML5 games. We are seeking for new talents, even newbie ones to the Game Development but with a passion to build up new games and create real masterpiece. Playsterr Game Developers Program is a proposition of cooperation with any level of Game Dev on mutually benefici...[Read More]

Play Games Online

Playsterr continues to update and increase in amounts our Games Catalogue. We would like to announce hot updates and new stuff that been recently represented on Playsterr gaming platform. You love to Play Games Online and we like to share the games with you. Enjoy! Doodle Jump This game is a great thing for everyone who loves arcade games and scores. You play as a little green Doodle and your task...[Read More]

TOP 5 Logic Games & Puzzle Games Online

What is better than play games and improve your logic skills? This is what you are Logic and Puzzle games are about. There is a scientific report that reveals that playing puzzle and logic games at least 15 minutes a day and for a 3-6 months will influence positively your IQ. It is really good news for everyon who has these free 15 minutes a day. Because there are tones of HTML5 Games that are rel...[Read More]

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