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Playsterr continues to update and increase in amounts our Games Catalogue. We would like to announce hot updates and new stuff that been recently represented on Playsterr gaming platform. You love to Play Games Online and we like to share the games with you. Enjoy!

Doodle Jump

This game is a great thing for everyone who loves arcade games and scores. You play as a little green Doodle and your task is to jump as high as you can while your score results are increasing. It is really easy to play and much fun! Also, you can show your results sharing it in twitter or FB.

Play Doodle Jump

Old good times are here and Pacman is back!

This hardcore arcade game from 80s is a great hit for all times. No doubt Pacman will never die and this yellow man and those ghosts will be rocking displays for decades and deacades more. Eat as many tablets as you can and reach new level escaping from the colored ghosts.

Play Pacman Online

Do you love strategy games? Well then, Playsterr represents probably one of the gratest strategy game ever the Comman and Conquer or C&C. This is old school hit game that provides you with everything that a Commander in chief must have. Build a base, gather the resources, develop the army and destroy the enemy!

Play Command & Conquer Online

Enjoy our updates and Playsterr Game Catalogue and follow up for the next updates!

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