Playsterr is looking for new Game Developers

Game Developer

Hello dear gaming community and the developers. We are glad to announce that Playsterr starts a new program for Game Developers of HTML5 games. We are seeking for new talents, even newbie ones to the Game Development but with a passion to build up new games and create real masterpiece.
Playsterr Game Developers Program is a proposition of cooperation with any level of Game Dev on mutually beneficial conditions. There is a Playsterr Games Catalogue that represents Games and Demos from more than 20 Game Developers around the world who created their HTML5 products. Playsterr as a Gaming Platform and Gaming Community is providing exposure and marketing for these titles on regular and absolutely free basis. It is a great opportunity to begin your Game Developer career and publish the game on For most successful titles there is a special Playsterr Program where a Game Developer can earn money from his or her publishment.

To become a participant of Playsterr Program is really easy and does not require much time and any resources. All you have got to do is apply for the Program via Email and talk to our Managers regarding the participation. Then, submit your Game or at least some playable content you have (demo version, 1st round, etc) and finally wait 24 hours for approvement. It is not necessary to be a business owner or a well-known developer, we need only a good and perfoming game content. Playsterr highly welcomes new indie projects and indie game developers. So, it is really great opportunity and chance to make your first step in Game Developer world.

We believe that it is time to bring Game Development to new more simple but more creative level. Everyone can produce his own hit game and bring it to the audience with the help of Gaming platforms as Playsterr. It does not really matter you work in Phaser or code your own every piece of game content is valuable and matters.

Apply for Playsterr Game Developer Program via email: