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You are totally in love with gaming or just a casual player who likes to play a browser game in spare time? Then you will definitely enjoy the Playsterr Games Catalogue. We have already collected over 100 free2play games that actually rock. The HTML5 Games are the best choice for browser-based gameplay because of its simplicity yet recent graphical improvements. This technology totally beats Flash that is now outdated. Thanks to HTML5 and Canvas the gameplay has become a real pleasure. What is more inspiring is that HTML5 Canvas Games are improving and developing in the quality and amounts. It means we will see more and more awesome games with such beautiful features as 3D graphics, multiplayer options, video effects, etc.

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We know that every game genre is worthy a player’s attention. That is why Playsterr’s Games Catalogue represents ten different genres. We respect and love all games and every game developer, especially indie ones. We really hope that the diversity of game content and genres will inspire Playsterr’s audience to discover new yet awesome titles.

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People love their favorite stuff, but it is even better to find and fall in love with new gems. That is why Playsterr’s Game Catalogue updates every day and we deliver more and more beautiful names to our so called games garden.
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Gaming never been so easy as today! Now you can enjoy your favorite games like Quake 3 Arena, Comman and Conquer, etc in your browser. It is both easy and amazing to run once desktop native application in a browser window with just one click action yet no installmetns. Thanks to Playsterr catalogue and HTML5 Games now it is possible to play single player and multiplayer modes in the browser. No downloads, no registraion, no installmetns. Just click and play!