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What is Playsterr?

Playsterr is a gaming platform-community that distributes and supports HTML browser-based games. Playsterr provides a game catalogue with dozens of titles from different Game Developers and lets gamers play these games absolutely free. Even more, you can earn money here on Playsterr simply by playing games..

How Playsterr works?

Playsterr is a gaming catalgue with free2play browser-based games. Even more, Playsterr is a platform-community where you can earn money on developing, publishing or playing games. This model becomes possible on this site thanks to pretty simple but awesome concept. We have the Products then the publishers and players provide the Engagement and it leads to Conversion. Pretty simple and clear. The Products are browser-based games that are been submitting to our catalogue by Devs and Admins. The Engagement is playing activities that is been providing by Players and Publishers of our game catalogue. Then, of course, it results Conversion and income. So, Playsterr platform is a unique place where you can enjoy games and even earn on this by providing as the Product and the Engagement as well.

How to play games on Playsterr?

To play games online on Playsterr is really easy. You simply got to come to our game catalogue page and choose a game. You don’t need to install any clients, resources, etc because all our games are browser-based free2play HTML5 products. If you love Playsterr platform and you want it to develop in greater community with superb multi-player games, you can help us approach this by little donate..

How to earn money on Playsterr?

First of all, yes, you can. Really. Playsterr platform concept lets you earn money even by simply playing games online. Of course you can earn money by submitting your own game or publishing games from Playsterr’s catalogue to your web-site. So, you can earn money here as Gamedev, Publisher and even as Player. Our community ideology implies that the gaming industry is a democratic and interacting niche. It means that Gamedev, Publisher and Player are equal parts of same process. So if you are engaged in gaming on Playsterr then you are able to make money no matter you develop game or just play them.

How to develop games with Playsterr?

Playsterr is first of all a gaming community where gaming-related audience is gathering and communicating with each other. You can find other gamedevs and publishers on our resource and collaborate together for creating bigger projects..

How can I publish a game on my site?

You have your own web-site and you would like to see on of our game there? Easy! You just head to the Games catalogue and choose any game you like and copy and paste the iframe code whenever you want on your page. Enjoy the traffic increase and better engagement of the audience on your site. Even more, you can sign a partner program with Playsterr as a Publisher and earn money by publishing games on your WEB pages.

How to play games and earn money?

Playsterr is an awesome platform where your can earn money by playing games. All you need is just to create an account on Playsterr and start playing games from our catalogue.

Advantages of Premium account?

Playsterr is providing a Premium account subscription for reasoning price. Buy our Primium account and get access to the Premium games and multi-player functional. As well Premium gives you advantages in partner program.

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