Playsterr gaming platform for browser-based games play games online

Hello, gaming world! This is our very first blog post and we are glad to introduce you our brand-new rockstar project Playsterr!

Playsterr is a gaming platform and gaming community for browser-based games. Playsterr’s games catalogue updates daily and represents only best games and demos just for FREE. Absolutely. This is the main concept of Playsterr platform – to share awesome games with our gamer mates. Playsterr is really easy to use, all you need is just choose any game you like and run it directly thorugh your browser. No downloads or additional content needed.

But that’s not all. We are going also to release Playsterr’s multiplayer functional and improve the interaction between accounts. You will be able to play browser games with your friends and win the leaderboards.

Besides games and social functional Playsterr is about to start the Playsterr Partner Program. This is just awesome opportunity for every gamer to turn his hobby into easy real easrnigns. In few words, Playsterr provide you with a player account where you customize and developr your player page and increase rank by playing games. All you need is just start your Playsterr account, sign our program and then start playing. The more you play, the more points you earn and cash out. Real fun, isn’t it? Of course, Playsterr program is open for Game Developers and Publishers.

Playsterr turns gaming hobby into pleasure. Everyone is welcome and please enjoy our games.