Normal Lost Phone

Normal Lost Phone

You have just found a phone. Find out the truth. We all have secrets in our mobile devices. This one will be you favorite. Look through phone’s gallery and messages and reveal the secrets.
A Normal Lost Phone is probably one of the most interesting storytelling LGBT games on the Internet. First of all you will be excited with its touchy and a bit sad teenage love story. Second, you will love the simple and intuitive gameplay and puzzles. Of course, there is one more fact to like this little cute game. It is designed as a real phone. And let’s be honest, we all read sometimes other peoples’ messages. Now you have this little phone full with secrets and weird story right in your hand…

Normal Lost Phone How to Play

Use mouse to control the interface of the phone.

Passwords for a normal lost phone game

First password: 0131 (in a calculator)
Second password: 1219 (in a calculator)
Third password: 85922

Normal Lost Phone Let’s Play

A notmal Lost phone

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