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Nimian Legends Empires

Welcome to the world of Nimian Legends Empires. Nimian Legends Empires is a semi-procedural HTML5 RPG, and the followup to the Original Nimian Legends.

You are character can choose a career, path, gender (male, androgyne or female) and species – with your character portrait updating depending o what you choose. You gain experience and gold by defeating beasts and completing quests, allowing you to level up, which increase your stats and skills.
Niman Legends Empires

You have three decks and each deck can hold 3 cards. You collect cards by travelling around the world and drawing them from locations, or purchasing them in cities and villages. Some cards are given to you as rewards for completing quests. Battle decks hold anything you can use in a fight – weapons, armour, spells. In general battle cards are permanent until you sell them. The Perk Deck hold special one-shot cards that modify your abilities or give you special powers. Finally the Rune Deck holds special permanent blessings that affect your hero’s abilities. Career cards give you a special permanent skill based on the career you chose. For example, Swipes can attempt to steal items from shops (and you can amass quite a fortune stealing then selling goods – just don’t get caught), and Rooks (powerful fighters) gain +1 attack damage fro each level they achieve. You also get runes from choosing your path – Speed, Strength and Spirit. Choose Spirit and your Karma, used to cast some cards, is doubled. Choose speed and you can dodge enemy attacks, reducing damage.

The world is also inclusive. Male, female and Androgyne choices are available for your gender, and your hero can engage in romances with any gender. The world of Nimian Legends itself may be filled with danger, intrigue and corruption, but the spirit i am making the game in is one of inclusivity.

How to Play Nimian Legends Empires

This is a stratyge RPG game and the main controller is a mouse. Choose your character, choose cards, avance the moves and upgrady your character.

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