How to Make Money Playing Games

Make money playing games

There is no secret that the generation of milllenials consider the Video Games as a part of their culture, life-style and pastime. But if millions of people all over the world love and enjoy playing games everyday does not this mean that the Video Games and Online Games have become more than just a GAME? Is this possible to make money playing games today? Probably yes. You are able to make some money playing games even if you are not some PewDiePie or NaVi. All it takes is just to have gaming as a real hobby and spend at least a couple of hours a day. Of course, you have to consider it as some kinds of job as well. So, let us dig dipper and find answers how exactly you can make money from games.

Online Games and How they do Money

First of all we should define what is an Online Game itself and how a gamer or business benefit from this. Nowadays, the Online Game is considered as a playable content that provides some engagement of audience and of course traffic, the Internet traffic speaking more precisely. Online Game as a content delivers to website some or even huge amounts of the Internet traffic which can be monetized by business or individual. No doubt, you all have already encountered multiple times the embed Ads in an Online Game or App. This is how it works and this is where you can leverage from this whole system. If publishers and developers earn money delivering impressions to an Advertiser then why a Gamer him/her self cannot enjoy this big pie of money and take his part? So, the question is where exactly you have to look at and what websites, platforms or publishers let players earn money too. Read this post further and you will know what platforms and websites reward their audience with money bonuses.

Second, we all understand that an Online Game is kind of economy, it has its audience, popularity and sometimes currency. You all already understand that it concerns mainly MMO Games which propose generously to earn by farming in-game resources and cashing out from a game account to real money. No doubt, this trick is not a piece of cake and it takes days and days playing their MMO Game before you start making at least a dollar. So, the second way of making money is the Game economy and Game currency itself. Later in this post we will name the games where you can dig for money by farming and earning in-game resouces.
There is yet a third way that encourages to make money from playing games. In few words this is referral programs and referral links. This stuff is not new to our Internet world as well and there are a lot of games or games related products that provide some affiliate programs and let players or regular individuals make money from games. This is pretty much about Internet Marketing and Social Engagement. The main part of success in referral links is how many people you lead to the game and how many will register and what is more important how many will play further and achieve some set up goals. This is more likely not just a hobby but already a profession and requires some skills and website or awesome social accounts. But if you have a lot of friends and at least one Facebook games related group then you definitely will benefit from referral links for games.

So, having reviewed the whole picture and defined Online Games and Traffic flow, we now may speak on the websites and platforms more precisely. Let us have a look what you should google and visit to try yourself at making money from games.

Make Money playing Games on Platforms and Websites

There are a lot of platforms and websites that welcome Pro Gamers and Newbie ones to play games online and make money. Among the most well-known are Youtube video platform and Twitch Online Streaming platform. This is great opportunity to earn money but also it requires a video camera, some programs and PC high performance and of course a nice voice along with some acting skills. The earnings on Youtube platform starts with at least 5 000 subscribers and let you enjoy the income around $1 per 1000 views, sometimes higher rate, depends on the video and audience quality.

If you do not consider yourself as a good letsplayer and hate being on videos then you probably will like other more calm ways. There are such big gaming related projects as Second Life, GSN and PlayandWin platforms. What about SecondLife, it is a huge and stunning simulator of real life which has been brought to the WEB and inhabited by thousands of virtual people. Yes, it has its own currency and provides several ways to cash it out. So, Second Life is something like Sims but Online and Viral and fits perfectly if you prefer to spend your weekends at home. Other two resources are in fact huge game catalogues with flash and html5 games where you can play games for free and even try some specific titles and earn money. Basically, the principals of these websites are easy and clear. They serve Ads exposures and you are a visitor that helps them increase and improve traffic amounts. The more you play games and see Ads the more money you may make. This is probably the most simply yet clear way to make money online from games.

Another new but promising gaming platform that lets you make monay playing games is Playsterr. Visit and find yourself in a huge game catalogue composed by great free yet awesome HTML5 Game titles. Playsterr is similar to GSN however it is more about HTML5 Games of the new generation, they look better and are fine at perfomance. So, you can have a look at Playsterr’s Games Catalogue and find your favourite title and play yet earn some money playing the game.

Make Money on Farming in-Game resources

Speaking about farming in games it is recommended to see the well-known and reliable titles. Among them we can list such titles as Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, My Lands. There is an auction available in Diablo 3 where you can sell your goods for some set prices and try your trader skills. World of Warcraft along with My Lands is pretty much about routine farming. Farming is probably not the fastest way to increase your money sums however this will fit you if you love MMO gameplay and in love with trading. Of course, there are other less famous titles were farming and cashing out is possible but we totally do not recommend to give a try for not reliable titles.

Referral Links to Online Games

Another one thing you may fall in love with is referral links and marketing. As you probably have read above this method totally depends on your marketing skills and your WEBsite or Social account resources. All you have to do is find a proper game title and accept their affiliate program and spread backlinks on your resources. The more players you lead to their game the more income you will have. Using this method you can enjoy about $10 every 10-20 registered players.

The last one thing about making money playing games is IT field and game development. If you do not mind in-office work or 40 hours a week schedule then you can try yourself at Game Tester position. In most cases it requires really not much programming or other IT regarding skills but only your time resources and love for games. You can look for open positions on the Internet and submit your resume.

It is 2016 already. Video Games and Online Games have become almost must-have part of our culture and pastime. We cannot ignore it, we cannot quit playing games but yes, we can make money playing games. Just chose your style and way. Follow up and read Playsterr news stay tuned and get all news from gaming industry.