Lux Ahoy

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Lux Ahoy

Welcome to the Duel Fighting between two ship commanders right in the center of a cartoon sea. This game is a classic gun dueal and it reuqires your accuracy and strategy skills. Battle the opponent with your weapon, aim accurately and choos the right balance of power, then SHOOT. The winner is the one who left, the loser sinks. Fair battle, clear rules, only one captain survives…

Two rivals — a sophisticated monster called LUXAMILLION and a posh elephant called TRUNKFORD — are fighting an epic war across the seven seas. Their goal: total world domination. Their mighty galleons come equipped with massive cannons – a weapon designed to strike a fatal blow! Take three devastating attacks and your enemy will find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, while the victor takes home treasure most landlubbers can only dream of. Then, on to the next island, until all the loot in the world is yours!

Lux Ahoy is a cute and fun this is a turn-based aim-and-shoot game, where you battle with an A.I. for treasure and destruction.

Lux Ahoy! How To Play

Choose your character.
Click/Tap to shoot.
Choose the right angle and power balance.
Damage the opponent 3 times and get the coins.

Lux Ahoy

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