Let’s Play Simulator 2016

Let’s Play Simulator 2016

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a well-known and cool Let’s Play youtuber? If yes then you will love this game. If no then you will still love this game because it is fun and addictive. Welcome to the Let’s Play Simulator 2016. Okay, as you already understand this is literally a game simulator of a let’s player life. You sit 24/7 in front of screen and play games, respond to the emails, make money and fame. All you need is a million subscribers. Build your strategy to come to success.
Your goal is to grow up to 1 mln subscribers with your Ha-tube channel.
Only two buttons and one goal – audience growing.
Read e-mails carefully. Try to guess a real-existing game by matching Author, Title and Genre.
And remember, If you reach 0$ – no Let’s plays for you =(.
Have fun, letsplay kings!

GAMEPLAY of Let’s Play Simulator 2016

Use mouse to control the interface.

Lets Play Simulator 2016

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