Hey, Dev! Do you have your own Game or DEMO done? Congratulations! It’s time to launch your product and get as much exposure and marketing as possible. Playsterr platform is just awesome place to show your game and gain all benefits for FREE.

First of all, let’s figure out if your game fits all our criterias:

  • It is playable and has unique content
  • It’s a browser-based HTML5 game
  • It’s a free2play or at least some sort of freebie


If you fit all requirements above then do not hesitate and submit your game to Playsterr!


Here is what will you get thanks to partnership with Playsterr:

  • Lots of FREE traffic and huge gaming audience
  • At least two text or video reviews on your game
  • Monthly analytic reports on how people play it
  • You can monetize your game on Playsterr


To sumbit your game and get consulatations from our managers, please apply via Email playsterr@gmail.com