Jewelish is a well-known hit puzzle game that is been played all over the world across all possible platforms. You probably at least have heard or seen once this awesome arts with diamonds and various colored tiles. Jewelish is so relaxing casual puzzle game that you can not stop playing and it is so easy to get addicted to this tiles quest.
How to play Jewelish? Well, it is so simple and fun. All you’ve got to do is just swap different jewels so that to make a row with at least 3 same-colored tiles and thus remove them from the table. The more same-colored jewels in a row the more points you earn. There are many different combinations possible to accomplish in Jewel puzzle game. The more difficult combinations the more score you get.
You can of course then boast with you score sharing the page with your friends.
However do not be too relaxed with this puzzle webgame. Because the time is running and you have to mind that every single mission has its own time limits. So, swap tiles fast and enjoy the score.

Jewelish Gameplay

Swap the jewels.
Accomplish at least three same-colored jewels in a row.
Mind the time for every single round.
Be aware that the more difficult combinations you accomplish the more score you get.
Enjoy relaxing arts and gameplay of Jewels game!

Jewelish Puzzle Game

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