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Iron Snout

Iron Snout is old addictive yet funny fighting game. Why addictive? Because you can fight easily with 4 keys or taps and create awesome combos. Why funny? Because you play as a super pig named Iron Snout who battles hordes of wolves. This browser fighting game contains dozends of various hits and combos that will surprise everyone. You must learn as many combo strikes as possible and kick out as many wolves as you can. But please be cautious, some of them are well armored and have rockets. This game is probably the best casual fighting game ever.

Iron Scout is a simple endless beat ’em up game without horizontal movement. Use arrow or WASD keys to jump, duck, slam down, punch, kick and catch stuff. Then combine all that for some sweet pig vs wolf action!

Are your ready for the endless battle? Great. Now kick these wolves with your mighty pig hands.

Iron Snout Gameplay

Use WASD or TAP for the hits and combos.
P – pause, M – mute, Enter – restart.
The battle is endless and you must win as many wolves as you can.
Survive as long as you can.

Iron Snout

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