I want to buy likes for my Instagram page, will it work?

Buy Instagram Likes. My Experience with Likigram

Buy Instagram Likes

I had this question pop up a few times and I was always interested how people would sometimes gather hundreds of likes in a matter of seconds. Later I discovered about the existence of a number of platforms that allow users to purchase a certain number of Instagram Likes and Followers.

In terms of the “people” who actually do the liking of your posts there are two major forces behind this: real organic likes (from real people) and artificial bot likes.

The first type you will get naturally from real users on Instagram but artificial bots are a bit more complicated. These are generated by the millions and stored in some database for later usage. They are usually cheap but their quality is questionable. Plus, if you decide to buy them, they might disappear over time from your posts.

When it comes to organic likes or followers on Instagram from real people, it means that they will be generated from a real and engaged audience. And if your Instagram content will be of any interest to these people then you will have more likes on your other posts.

The number of Instagram services out there is ridiculous. To name but a few:

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So if you consider buy Instagram Likes or Followers someday, make sure you buy them from real people in order to deliver organic likes to your posts. One of the main reason for that is because you don’t want to end up with dozens or hundreds of people that liked your post, but in fact are not even from your continent and will look bizarre amongst ordinary organic likes from your family and friends.

It can be quite difficult to grow an Instagram account from the ground-up, but I hope these tips will help you along the way if you have a buck to spare on buying additional Likes and Followers for you Instagram page.