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How to build a game from a scratch? How to become a Game Developer? How to create a simple WEB game?

Probably you asked yourself these questions and you become more and more confident on starting up your gaming project. Well, it is good because we are at the same page and have answers for you!

First, it is necessary to take into account that building a game from scratch is not that great idea. Probably it is better to look for a proper framework/game engine and to boost the development process. You should consider that building up a game from a scratch is a huge work that is more likely cannot be done by one person alone. Obviously, you will face with a lot of different tasks and development work and will come up to understanding that there is not enough time resource.

Game developer frameworks and game developer engines will help you save time resource and imrove your code and designer efforts. So, since we are on the same page and you go for the frameworks and engines then let us dig deeper and find out which ones to consider as best ones and what should you try.

Here is the list of TOP Game Frameworks and Game Engines for WEB games developers:

  1. Phaser

Phaser is a Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game frameworks. It is probably most well-known frameworks and widely used as by newbies so by skilled web games developers. Phaser is an open source framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games with great community.It is really simple and you can find huge amounts of tutorials and how-to guidings on their website/community. It is necessary to add that the Phaser community enjoys a lot of contributors and you can check out many other developers’ products and learn much on these live lessons. Also, there are plenty of plugins that you can simply add on and enjoy such awesome tools as Virtual Joystick, Complex particle effects, Advanced Physics, etc. Of course, all plugins are for sale but the prices are low and some of these tools does cost those sums.

You should definitely consider Phaser if you are a newbie to Game Development and want to get most from a community and framework ease.

2. Construct 2

Construct 2 is claimed to be the most popular game developer framework by many developers around the Internet. What is so exciting about Construct 2 and how can you leverage from this game developer framework?

Well, first of all Construct 2 is absolutely free and targeted for the non programmers users. This framework is absolutely drag-and-drop tool that provides you with a lot of awesome developer tools so that you can save your time. Using this solution you will enjoy studying the code and development in a fun and engaging way. It will help you rapidly create mockups and prototypes and provide you with a faster alternative to coding.

What are cons for Construct 2 and why you should choose exactly this framework. This is probalby the most easy to use framework from all the list. Construct 2 has awesome library of stunning visual effects for your game, an instant preview of your developing results and really powerful event system.

Probably you choose this framework as your first one and will fall in love with Construct 2. In this case you will like the way how it is easily extensible and it can be turned in even greater developer framework.

3. Impact JS

This one game developer engine is a TOP one. It has a lot of pros that probably will beat Phaser and Construct 2 by all means. Impact JS is a top-quality game engine for programmers and experienced professionals that can read and apply code. It has some cons of course. You more likely will not enjoy this if you are not skilled at coding and it costs $99 as a solution. But it is needless to say that Impact JS does cost this money.

You can head to their site and find the ready projects in the Games tab and enjoy the quality and level of the games. Some of those titles are already in Steam store and become popular games with the audience and fans. So, it is up to you and depends on project complexity and goals.

Now you probably have got the point of the game developer engines and frameworks and already decided which one you choose. The last advice is to make an analysis of your goals and resources first. Do not start up a game developer project until you have not done any researches and set up the goals. If you are a professional and aiming to create a new Steam hit then go with professioanl solutions.

In any case, HTML5 game developer world is becoming more and more attractive. You will definitely find your place under the sun in this new world.

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