How to create own HTML5 Game


In love with Games and the Internet? Been dreaming about creating something new and stunning what people will like and become fans of this stuff? Then more likely you are about to create your own HTML5 Game or at least learn how to do this.

First of all, let’s agree on that building new HTML5 Game is not that difficult. All you need is just a good understanding of what is HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Of course, it will be a huge advantage if you master designer skills and know Node.js to build a proper server-end solution for your game along with awesome and unique sprites. But still, building a simple HTML5 Game does not require all that rockstar skills and scopes. Refering to all those brand-new Game frame-works and engines will help you build a good game even despite on the little knowledge at Gamedev.

Step by Step. Let’s figure out if you are ready to try yourself in Gamedev. If you do then you’ll have all these kinds:

  • Huge Desire, Really Really HUGE DESIRE
  • Huge gamer experience
  • Understanding of HTML/CSS/JS
  • Concept of the game you dream to build up

If everything is cool then welcome aboard. The next step is decide on what frame-work and engine you are going to use. There are plenty of awesome solutions that are available on the Internet. Among them you can pick these kings: Phaser, CanvasEnginge, Spaceport Scirra. Go ahead and get yourself acquinted with these solutions and their cons and pros.

Then, when most of things are set up and you are more than ready to rock, we would like to advice you see reliable and useful sources. Of course, see GitHub repository to know better what other developers already done regarding HTML5 Games. Then, visit Coursera and see free or payed courses dedicated to HTML5 and Gamedev. especially those who reveals the Game theory and mechanics. All this will help you improve your experience and get better insight on how to build your game from the ground and deliver to the audience.

All good! But one thing is still missing. Even when you are about to show your ready game or at least a playable content, there is a question arises: where exactly publish the game. At this point the gaming communities and gaming platform will help you deliver the game to the audience and have as much engagement as possible.

Playsterr is a Browser Games platform and community that is first of all focuses on the HTML5 Games. Plasterr is a great place for the newbie and indie developers who are seeking for the right place for their games and benefit from this partnership. We are ready to publish your game and provide a proper guiding on how to start your gamedev carrer, so contact us and let’s do browser games better together.

So, aswering the very first questions in this post, the Gamedev is a booming niche that does not require much programming knowledge.