The Higher Lower Game

Guess Who is More Popular on the Internet

The Higher Lower Game

The Higher Lower game is an awesome quick quiz or even more test of your Internet and pop culture knowledge. So simple yet addictive: all you must do is answer a simple question who is more popular in the Internet. Queen or Eminem? Fallout or Obama? Just say your word and choose who is higher. Then, know the actual answer with Google Data figures.

This is it. This is the most addictive quiz game that went viral on the Web in 2016. Do you Google often? Guess what search terms are “Googled” more frequently than others. Make your guess. And check out how well you follow modern search trends and current social interests. It is difficult even to call this a game, that’s why we like the term “quiz”.

The gameplay is quite simple. Higher Lower pulls random data from Google, along with metrics and images, and displays 2 common search terms which are more or less equally popular on the Web.
One of these search terms will be displayed with the number of times this particular word or phrase has been searched. Your goal is to guess whether the second search term scored more or less searches than the first one.

Try Higer Lower for yourself and you will be surprised to learn that Justin Bieber scores more than Fruit Ninja in search queries (Spoiler). This game is quite the hype of social media, so be prepared to be lost in it for a few hours;)

How Works the higher lower game

It’s pretty easy, the higher lower game gathers the Google search data and displays the results of Google search queries. We all search something everyday on Google and the system tracks our interest on this or that person or thing. As result, sommebody or something gets higher popularity and it influences over ranking of a query as well. This is why the higher or lower game is probably one of the best way to test your understanding of popularity and pop culture today. Just imagine what people are interested more and click the right button. The higher lower game is a unique google search game experience and the mirror of the today Internet society.

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The Higher Lower Gameplay

Choose who is more popular on the Internet.
Choose higher or lower.
Earn Points and Share Your Score with Friends.

The Higher Lower Game

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