Gods Will Be Watching

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Gods Will Be Watching

Thrilling story. A group of people. Two androids. One dog. They are in a freezing and abandoned place somewhere in forest. Noone to rescue them but the only hope is the broken radio. The group is starving and noone knows what to do and how to find the help. You are the one in charge of handling all these challenges and lead your group to the happy end.
You must survive in 40 day term and maintain the group and its members. Haunt for the food, find the woods for the fire, manage your team, talk to people and androids. The more members will live the better leader you are, Sergeant.
The Gods Will be Watching game is a unique story and gameplay thriller that reveals the human nature. Real survival puzzle game. Enable your logic, solve the puzzles and think analytically. Then, 40 days after you will have the results of your leaderships.

Features of Gods Will Be Watching

Point-and-click adventure with only one scenary!

We tried to approach Minimalism trough gameplay. Isolated on a single stage, with a few a possible actions, you must endure trough a 40 days survival until the Sgt. Burden’s crew can be rescued. Enjoy the puzzle and stay alive!

And let me know if you have escaped the planet!

GAMEPLAY of Gods Will Be Watching

Use the mouse to control the game interface.
Watch the days countdown.

Gods Will Be Wathcing

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