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Extreme Kitten

This is possibly the cuttiest mobile tap and tap game ever! Just imagine a little extreme kitten that jumps and flies hundreds of meters and claims the records. Now this awesome mobile tap game is available in browser for pc users and you can play it on Playsterr.
So, you play as a brave little kitten and you must jump as far as you can. The further distance – the better. The gameplay is quite simple – you just tap on mobile or tablet and click on pc. Pay attention to the strength in the left corner. You can use a jump power as that indicator is full.
Launch, dive, drift and bounce the craziest, cutest kitten into the record books! Earn stars and upgrade your skills to get even further!

Extreme Kitten game is one of the cuttiest mobile tap games ever. You will definitely enjoy the gameplay and arts.

Zombies Can’t Jump Gameplay

Use mouse or tap with fingers to control interface.
See the strength indicator in the left corner.
Controls: Tap to bounce while flying through the air

Extreme KItten

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