Dungeon Game

Dungeon Game

Dungeon Game is a 3D labyrinth first person view adventure game. You are a brave warrior that breaks through long labyrinth and battles scary creatures. You can meet skulls, flying fire dragons and of course bonuses. Just check out the vases and boxes, you can find health bottles and weapons. Keep walking and seeking the exit and this is how you will enter the next level.
The Dungeon Game is beautiful and its arts are awesome you will definitely enjoy the style of this game. Explore the dungeon labyrinth, fight monsters and collect bonuses and super weapons.
This game is a tribute to the dungeon games genre and the Dungeon Game ‘Keep Out’ is a mix of all these awesome classic titles you alredy know.
Totally recomended to play.
Dungeon Game

How to Play Dungeon Game

You find yourself in the labyrinth.
Use WASD keys to move in particular directions.
Use SPACE key to battle enemies with your weapon.
Find vasels and boxs to collect health bottles and weapons.
Explore the labyrinth and find the path to exit.
Exit the labyrinth and advance to the next level.

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