Dream Chase

Dream Chase

In the Dream Chase Game you are a strong runner that can easily beat any distances. The only problem on your way is the obstacles that sometimes show up and cause troubles. You must avoid these obstacles and jump over the obstacles. Do not stumble over these things, otherwise you will lose your prcious speed and stop running. In order to avoid the obstacles you should jump in right time and in right place. This is how you can continue your running and advance in score points.

Now you have a chance to try and catch your Dream! Will you accept the challenge?
This game is totally recomended for everyone who likes running and chasing his or her dreams.

Dream Chase Gameplay

Tap or click anywhere on a game field (except restart button) to jump over obstacle. The higher the score, the better.

The Dream Chase gameply is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Enjoy this game on PC, tablets and mobile phones.

Dream Chase

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