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Diablo Like Game

Do you like Diablo game? Have you ever wanter to play Diablo in browser? Then This Diablo Like Game is definitely for you! This awesome RPG game is probably one of the best HTML5 RPG browser games ever created. Especially taking into account that this game is totally free2play!
So, this is a Diablo Like Game set in fantasy dungeon world. Of course this world is dangerous and infested with enemy trolls. You have to survive walking though the round from respawn place to the portal zone.
There are a lot of weapons and magic devices as a bow or manna. Use them and increase your power and skills. As well do not forger the boxes and vassels! You know, there are some sweet bonuses there for you.

GAMEPLAY of Diablo Like Game

Use mouse to control the interface.
Break boxes and barrels with left click.
Attack enemies with left click and move with left click.
Destroy all enemies and upgrade to new round.

Diablo Like Game

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