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HTML5 Canvas Games

HTML5 Canvas is the new age for all Browser-Based Game Play. It is an amazing technology that lets you quickly and properly build new stunning games that sometimes even do not require much programming knowledge. Especially it is necessary to emphasize that one of the key design goals for HTML5 is to support the multimedia on mobile devices. The brand-new sytantic features of this technology let provide video, audio and canvas tags. As well HTML5 resolves and improves much User’s interaction issues and helps build awesome interface in your Browser Game.

What is most exciting about HTML5 technology and HTML5 Games is that it is quite easy to learn and handle. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript then more likely you are able to run your own game and publish it in the Internet. Especially, taking into account the huge amounts of HTML5 Engines that will help you create beautiful game levels, graphics and put all resources together. You can read more on creating HTML5 Games and choosing right Engine in our Blog.

Right after your game is done or there is at least some playable content ready, you can start choosing the way how to publish it and monetize. There are many ways how developer can do it, for instant you can start your own WEB blog or you can deliver it to some repository. But we would recommend you to find an awesome HTML5 Games platform or distributor and apply them to publish your masterpiece. You can easily find several platform of such type and choose any you like.

Playsterr is a Browser Game platform and distributor for HTML5 canvas Games. We are experienced in Gaming and Marketing industries and can help you drive as much traffic and attention to your game as possible for free. We are in love with new Games and Indie projects, so do not hesitate and apply through our contact form if you are a game dev or willing to run your own project but having questions or troubles.

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