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This is a very special indie webgame that surprises us with its unique and challenging gameplay and setting. In decay webgame you are a worm… an alien worm, inprisoned by the scientists and based somewhere in laboratory. As you already may guess your goal is to find the way to get out from this lab and break through the hordes of enemies. But your alien character is not that easy as it looks. The worm has a special ability to get into the brains of the people and control their bodies. Yeah, yeah just as you could have seen it in the Thing movie.
So, basically you jump out the capsule and start travelling the laboratory infecting the bodies and getting further and further to the exit of the map. Do not forget the ventilation holes and doors, some rooms require smart actions. Of course, not all the scientists are helpless, because some of them bare shotguns and this is where you shouild enable your alien brains and decide on how you are going knock them out.

Good luck and enjoy the Decay indie webgame.

Decay Gameplay

Tap/click to float left or right.
Get to other snowflakes in order to get bigger.
Be aware of the rain drops and ice.

Decay webgame

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