Cowboy vs Martians

Cowboy vs Martians

This game will make bring you fun and laugh. You play as a cool hot-shot cowboy guy and you must battle little green men Martians. Awesome physics and great puzzles. Advance to the next level shooting all Martians one by one.

Addictive physics puzzle shooter coded in Haxe+Openfl.

* Optimized for Desktop and Mobile

* Mind twisting 40 levels (+20 mobile) with 3 stars each

* Polished visuals

* Free to play without in app purchases

Gameplay Instructions Cowboy vs Martians

Simply use your logic and make everything possible to destroy Martians.
Pay attention to the stuff around and make it moving or exploding to damage enemies.
Pay attention to the number of bullets, they are limited.
Advance to the next level killing all Martians.
Cowboy vs Martians

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