Playsterr platfrom is conquering gaming audience and becoming one of the most interesting WEB resource in browser-based games industry. Besides Playsterr platform our company develops browser-based indie games and provides support for other Game Developers and Publishers.

Playsterr Company is proud for our Marketing tools and approaches. We are specialized in Marketing Games and Gaming Web-sites. Our experience is not limited to WEB but also includes Steam Marketing, Mobile Marketing and our own network Playsterr Ads as well.
If you are looking for significant traffic and players increase for your Game or Gaming project then apply for our Ads services.

  • Steam Ads to increase Steam traffic and Steam Sales;
  • WEB game Ads to increase WEB traffic and Sales;
  • Mobile game Ads to increase Mobile traffic, downloads and Sales;
  • Playsterr Ads to increase your WEB and Mobile traffic and improve your PR efforts.



We DO KNOW the Gaming industry and how Marketing works in this niche. We work with clear ROI, CPC/CPM/CPL metrics. We have been engaged in huge Steam Marketing campaigns and succeeded in promotion on this great gaming market.


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