Collapse The Division Game

Zombie Apocalypse Map Survival Simulation

Collapse The Division Game

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse world. It has already started and what is worse the infected are flooding your city. What are you going to do about this? The Apocalypse clockwatch is already on and you have less time to save yourself. But you are lucky if you know the city well and can predict where the infection progresses. Think fast, analyze the map and make right decisions. Then just go away and hide in the safe place.
This is not a game. This is a simulator. The Zombie Apocalypse Simulator called Collapse The Division Game.
Collapse is a map-based simulator that contains almost every city worldwide. It lets you play around zombie apocalyse idea and dive into infested city situation.

This exactly content includes only a web map zombie simulator. If you like the concept and want to play a game itself then look for Collapse The Division Game in game stores.

GAMEPLAY Collapse The Division Game

Use mouse to control the interface.
Choose streets and buildings in a city.
Try to hide from the infected zombies in safety places.

Collapse The Division Game

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