Classic Chess

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Classic Chess

Through the centuries this game has been one of the most popular game in the world. Entertaining, fun and challenging gameplay, 64 cells, 32 pieces, 2 kings and only one winner… Or a draw. This is all about classic chess game. You can enjoy everything you love in this Classic Chess browser game. Set up the difficulty mode, board type, white vs black start and enjoy the battle. Classic Chess is a normal chess game with intuitive menu and clear design. The Chess board and quick match never been so close and easy before. Now you can start the chess match online instantly.
Play Chess in Classic mode and try to defeat your rival. Find more board and puzzle games on Playsterr, share these games with friends and play online toghether.

Classic Chess Gameplay

Set up the difficulty mode, choose which color you will play for.
Use mouse to move the pieces.
Rules and gameplay relates to classic chess game.

Classic Chess Game

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