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Tiny Rifles

Tiny Rifles

Tiny Rifles Tiny Rifles is a new unique Turn-Based Strategy Game that you can easily enjoy in your browser. Deploy your troops, plan your attack wisely and get ready to hold the opponents’ army too. The gameplay is simple and intuitive but the strategy and smart troops deployment can change every single round and make every battle unique. Tiny Rifles is probably the best choice for every cas...

Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders Welcome to the outer space, dear galaxy nomad, welcome to the world of Solar Crusaders. It is stunning multiplayer RPG strategy games with space setting. Hundreads of planets, other players ships and worlds wait you in Solar Crusaders. GAMEPLAY Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy space game featuring a sandbox universe, real-time battles, base building, exploration, ...

Farm Fenzy2

Farm Fenzy 2

Farm Fenzy2 Well-known title with fascinating point-and-click gameplay where a player has a chance to manage the production operations on a village farm and become a real farmer! Are you ready to get involved in a farming business? The goal in a Farm Frenzy game is to raise animals, process the goods they produce and sell the products for cash. To raise animals, the player must regularly water the...

Nimian Legends Empires

Niman Legends Empires

Nimian Legends Empires Welcome to the world of Nimian Legends Empires. Nimian Legends Empires is a semi-procedural HTML5 RPG, and the followup to the Original Nimian Legends. You are character can choose a career, path, gender (male, androgyne or female) and species – with your character portrait updating depending o what you choose. You gain experience and gold by defeating beasts and compl...

Tower Defense Game

Tower Defense Game

  Tower Defense Game New great game with nice arts in the genre of Tower Defense. It really reminds good old the Heroes of Might and Magic in terms of arts and gameplay. However this game will please you with Online gameplay features and oldschool spirit. The game is set in a fantasy world of swords and magic. It is turn-based strategy and celled arena. So, you hire and command your army and ...

Space Duel

spaceduel online

Space Duel This is smart yet beautiful turn-based duel game the is set in outer space. You are in charge to command a space battle ship and looks like you have encoutered another space ship and the fighting is invevitable. Find their weak sides and attack them step by step damaging the engine system of the enemy. Wins not who is right but who is left. Back to the games catalogue

Last Colony

Last colony game

Last Colony Last Colony is a great Online Strategy Game that is set in a future world where colonization of other planets come true. Command your own planetary base and beat all enemies, convey your workers and protect the base. Last Colony reminds good old Command and Conquer and represents the old school strategy game genre. Play Last Colony Online and enjoy the planet colonization campaign! Bac...

Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer Great online strategy game for everyone who loves to build a base and conquer other bases. You play as a commander in chief of little army and your goal is to set up and develop your military base. Once you finished with the developing and improving progress then come out with your troops and head to the enemy base and wipe them off. This game is a real hit since 90s and there ...

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