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Snake Game Browser

Snake Game Browser

Snake Game Browser Wow, you are an oldschool guy. Definitely you are. If you are looking for old yet sophisticated game like this then you do have the test and style. Because this is not just a game. The Snake is kand of a piece of art, a masterpiece, speaking more precisely. So, the Snake game, do you know where did it come from and what is the background and story beyond this game? Hope you enjo...

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game Awesome and easy version of good old Monopoly board game. Now it is available in your browser. This great board game was first created in 1903. Over 100 years has passed and it is still popular as board and digital game. What is Monopoly game concept? In few words: Wheel and deal your way to the top of a real estate empire! This is a simulator of big business operator and how to buil...

Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash Game

Boudler Dash Boudler Dash is an arcade game that is set in a dark and dangerous underground. Play your character and walk from the start to the finish avoiding the falling stones that might hit you. Boudler Dash is pretty much about logic and first of all you should think and analyze the map and then go for the action. Every you move in the game influences on the map and you can win or lose at any...

BreakOut Game

Play Breakout online

Breakout Game Do you love oldschool games and Nintendo? Then you are more then welcome to this great and entertaining game. You play as a moving from left to right platfrom and your mission is to beat all the cubes by your ball. So, press the spacebar and make your best to kick the ball and direct it to the blocks. You will reach the new level everytime when the last block disappers. Awesome, isn&...

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