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Square Puzzle

A game about squares

Square Puzzle Welcome to the Square Puzzle Game quests. A logic puzzle game with minimalist arts and intuitive gameplay. This Puzzle Game is a special gem in Playsterr’s Web Games Catalogue. Square Puzzle Game is a perfect playground to train your brains, enable logic skills and enjoy an intuitive yet awesome gameplay. The web game itself looks simple with a very minimalist setting. Your mis...

Play Dot To

Play Dot To

Play Dot To Play Dot To is an addicting mobile and browser game that requires tapping and fast thinking. Enable your logic and connect all dots as fast as you can and advance to the next level. Connect the dots for with better time score and increase your points. Play Dot To is a hit addicting game that is popular on mobiles, tablets and pc browsers. Such a lovely little interactive one pager wher...

Play Chess Online

Play Chess Online

Play Chess Online This is a Classic Chess Game for everyone who knows how to play and would like to play versus Computer opponent. You can restart the game at any time you wish, switch the white or black side and move back. Nice browser-based 2D Chess Game with 3 difficult modes from Easy to Medium and Hard. Enjoy Play Chess Online Game at Playsterr! GAMEPLAY of Play Chess Online Use the mouse to ...


0hh1 Game

0hh1 Do you love logic and board games? That is great, because the 0hh1 game is everything about logic and puzzle games. Move red and blue tiles in rows so that to make them fit. Gain the points and become the first in the leaderboard. GAMEPLAY 0hh1 Use mouse to move the tiles. Do you love this game? Share it with your friends! If you really like this game and want to play it with your friends, th...

Farm Fenzy2

Farm Fenzy 2

Farm Fenzy2 Well-known title with fascinating point-and-click gameplay where a player has a chance to manage the production operations on a village farm and become a real farmer! Are you ready to get involved in a farming business? The goal in a Farm Frenzy game is to raise animals, process the goods they produce and sell the products for cash. To raise animals, the player must regularly water the...

Dungeon Game

Dungeon Game

Dungeon Game Dungeon Game is a 3D labyrinth first person view adventure game. You are a brave warrior that breaks through long labyrinth and battles scary creatures. You can meet skulls, flying fire dragons and of course bonuses. Just check out the vases and boxes, you can find health bottles and weapons. Keep walking and seeking the exit and this is how you will enter the next level. The Dungeon ...

Nimian Legends Empires

Niman Legends Empires

Nimian Legends Empires Welcome to the world of Nimian Legends Empires. Nimian Legends Empires is a semi-procedural HTML5 RPG, and the followup to the Original Nimian Legends. You are character can choose a career, path, gender (male, androgyne or female) and species – with your character portrait updating depending o what you choose. You gain experience and gold by defeating beasts and compl...

Rubik Cube Online

Rubik Cube Online

Rubik Cube Online Rubik Cube is probably one of the most entertaining yet smart toys in the world. Rubik Cube originally is a 3D puzzle combination that was invented back in 1974 by professor of Architecture, mr. Erno Rubik. In classic vesion of Rubik Cube there are six sections of 3D figure with 9 sticker of different colors on every single section. Solving Rubik Cube you have to combine the stic...

Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online This great board game was first created in 1903. Over 100 years has passed and it is still popular as board and digital game. What is Monopoly game concept? In few words: Wheel and deal your way to the top of a real estate empire! This is a simulator of big business operator and how to build a corporate giant from the ground. This master piece is a definite classic from 20th centur...

Space Duel

spaceduel online

Space Duel This is smart yet beautiful turn-based duel game the is set in outer space. You are in charge to command a space battle ship and looks like you have encoutered another space ship and the fighting is invevitable. Find their weak sides and attack them step by step damaging the engine system of the enemy. Wins not who is right but who is left. Back to the games catalogue

Make Match Cards

Make match game

  Make Match Cards Awesome little online game where you are in charge for matching cards. As most of logic games, this one provides you with score, time counter and some tool that in this case is board cards. All you have to do is open them one by one and match the pairs as quick as you can. Enjoy!   Back to the games catalogue

Hearts Card

Hearts Card Game

Hearts Card A well-known card game the Hearts is a great way to enjoy old good cards and try your luck along with analytic thinking. Beat your opponents and score best playing the card game. Back to the Games Catalogue

Chess 3D

Chess Game

Chess 3D Awesome browser-based chess game for everyone who loves thinking and turn to base games. As we know this game was invented in India thousands years ago and it is stays cool for today and became a real sport discipline. Play this game online and beat the PC opponent by white or black chesspicies. In this browser game you can set up the board, the timer and even the level of the computer op...



Psiral Psiral is a great logic game that reminds old good board game and cards. However the gmaeplay of Psiral really entertains and excites. In this game you enjoy the turn to base gameplay and try your logic skills. Play Psiral Online and enjoy logic game. Back to the Games Catalogue

2048 Game

2048 Game

2048 Game Great logic game where you should slide the numbers so that they match and score. Do your best at logic and slide the numbers paying attention to the score and dynamics. This game will fit everyone who loves board games, chess and turn to base games. Back to the Games Catalogue

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