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Diablo Like Game

Diablo Like Game

NOTE: This game is heavy and it requires 15-20 seconds to upload. Please, wait a bit. Diablo Like Game Do you like Diablo game? Have you ever wanter to play Diablo in browser? Then This Diablo Like Game is definitely for you! This awesome RPG game is probably one of the best HTML5 RPG browser games ever created. Especially taking into account that this game is totally free2play! So, this is a Diab...

Let’s Play Simulator 2016

Lets Play Simulator 2016

Let’s Play Simulator 2016 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a well-known and cool Let’s Play youtuber? If yes then you will love this game. If no then you will still love this game because it is fun and addictive. Welcome to the Let’s Play Simulator 2016. Okay, as you already understand this is literally a game simulator of a let’s player life. You sit 24/7 in front of scre...

The Captain

The Captain

The Captain The Captain is a brilliant adventure and excellent narrative game. Stunning extraterrestrial landscapes of distant worlds. You are a captain of a landed spaceship on some strange planet. But the problem is you have to come back home. This is where the quest begins. The Captain is awesome indie puzzle game with unique gameplay and breathtaking story. You will step into the shoes of Capt...

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope

Cut The Rope This is very cute and beautiful cartoon game. The little green frog wants the candy. You must feed the frog and make the candy come close to the character. Use your logic and cut the ropes one by one so that the frog could eat the candy. Beautiful arts, awesome gameplay and much fun! Everything for easy casual gamer, just enjoy Cut the Rope game. GAMEPLAY of Cut The Rope Game Use the ...

Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Wathcing

Gods Will Be Watching Thrilling story. A group of people. Two androids. One dog. They are in a freezing and abandoned place somewhere in forest. Noone to rescue them but the only hope is the broken radio. The group is starving and noone knows what to do and how to find the help. You are the one in charge of handling all these challenges and lead your group to the happy end. You must survive in 40 ...

Normal Lost Phone

A notmal Lost phone

Normal Lost Phone You have just found a phone. Find out the truth. We all have secrets in our mobile devices. This one will be you favorite. Look through phone’s gallery and messages and reveal the secrets. A Normal Lost Phone is probably one of the most interesting storytelling LGBT games on the Internet. First of all you will be excited with its touchy and a bit sad teenage love story. Sec...

Rest House Adventure

Rest House Adventure

Dear Gamer, this browser game is very heavy 3D adventure. Please, wait 1-5 minutes til it uploads all necessary stuff and then play. You can switch into Fullscreen mode and enjoy the game. Rest House Adventure Welcome to the world of Rest House Adventure Game! Stunning pictures of abandoned hotels and streets. You will definitely love the 3D graphics and easy gameplay. Walk through the premises an...

SuperSnail Rescue

Supesnail Rescue

Supersnail Rescue Do you like spacecrafts and the outerspace? Good, becuase this game is right about that. Playing for a spacecraft and rescuing your best friend from the allien abduction you will enjoy the atmosphere and gameplay. This is a really awesome browser game and spaceshooter. Back to the Games Catalogue

Super Mario

Super Mario

Super Mario This well-known hit game is famous enough so everyone remembers it and played at least once. It has been issued in 80s and been played on Nintendos by kids and adults all over the world. During the decades the game has been updating and released on different platforms. What is more funny is that there was even a movie regarding Mario family. Now this cool oldschool game is available on...

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