TOP 5 Logic Games & Puzzle Games Online


What is better than play games and improve your logic skills? This is what you are Logic and Puzzle games are about.

There is a scientific report that reveals that playing puzzle and logic games at least 15 minutes a day and for a 3-6 months will influence positively your IQ. It is really good news for everyon who has these free 15 minutes a day. Because there are tones of HTML5 Games that are related to Puzzle and Logic genres. It’s time to enjoy games and feed your old friend brain. Check this TOP5 Logic and Puzzle Games from Playsterr.

  1. Chess 3D

Heyya! Chess are for sure the oldest and most analytic game ever. If you never tried playing Chess before and would like to beat a PC or Human opponent then it’s best to start your first Chess match! HTML5 Chess 3D are free2play and does not require any registraitions neither additional content.

Play Chess Online

2. 2048 Game

This is just awesome and hit game that is run on the smartphones all over the world. To play 2048 Game means to think and analyze. Try youself and do best score in 2048 Games!

Play 2048 Game

3. Sliding Puzzles

Have you played Sliding Puzzles already? If not yet then you should have to. Because this is both calming and smart game that requires strong analytic thinking.

Play Siding Puzzles Online

4. Hextris

Hextris is something new to your ear but the title is already inriguing, isn’t it? Of course you already may guess that it is pretty much about Tetris gameplay. Yes, sure a bit it is but this Tetris-like game will surprise you!

Play Hextris Online

5. Psiral the Lords of Quest

Do you love quests and cards? Then you will enjoy playing Psiral the Lords of Quest.

Play Psiral the Lords of Quest