Best Browser Games 2016

TOP 10 best browser games

dead frontier game

Hello vast internationl gaming community and welcome to 2016, the era of the best browser games ever. Why exactly 2016? Because WEB technologies and browser capabilities never been so powerful and significant  before. There are so many great programming and design features showing up recently that the browser games world is changing dramatically instantly. Let us dig deeper for these new technology improvents and understand where the developers will be leading us this year.

There are a lot of changes in WEB world and in browser games as a result. Among all these good news we have had for the recent time, the improved HTML5 technology and as result a vast list of HTML5 Games that let you enjoy playing better browser games. For sure, you as game should pay attention to the HTML5 Game Titles because they are easy to run for your browser, they are user friendly and mostly are available in mobile version as well.

Another great thing is Unity engine and all those powerful features that this engine brings to life. Unity lets our gaming industry develop faster and release awesome browser 3D games that are available in your browser window. Of course, Unity requires downloading the plugin but this is not a big deal anyway. The Unity developer community is growing quickly and we will see more and more stunning 3D titles in 2016 and 2017. Yes, what is most exciting, all they will appear and welcome you to play right in the browser.

Yet another thing will please our Browser Game needs in 2016, it is good old Steam. Sure, Steam has been known to you for years and there is nothing new for 2016 when we talk about Steam. But hey, Steam changes too and it can deliver much value for the gamer as well. For instant, Steam has changed and facilitated the rules for the indie games. So, we will see more indie titles in Steam that will please all lovers of browser-based games. More likely, your favourite browser game is already on the way to Green Light and then Steam store. In 2016 Steam has become much more accessible for all browser game developers. That is pretty cool.

The last thing that is a trend in 2016 is browser games platform and communities. These platforms represent huge catalogues with thousands of browser games and a gaming community. So, it is a great place to come, play your favourite browser game title, rate it, discuss with other and try the multi-player. Look for these platforms and communities in google and find your favourite. By the way, Playsterr platform is one of them.

So, we have done a research on the recent changes in browser games industry. It is time to reveal a list of the best browser games in 2016. All of them are great and result of the technology improvents that we have discussed above.

10. Coma

Coma game

Another Limbo-related title with fancy style. It is easy to play flash-based platform-and-puzzle game that will excite you with artistic view. You can complete it under twenty mintues, it is really short story however no doubt you will love it.


 9. Pandemic

Pandemic game

Pandemic game

Yet another browser game where you will play for the bad guy. If you dream about ruining the world then you will love Pandemic. In this game you goal will be horrifying – you have to wipe the humanity from earth by spreading a virus all around the world. Even more, you have to finish people in as shot time as you can.

8.Gods will be watching

Gods will be watching game

Strange. Artistic. Survival. Altogether is Gods will be watching. This is a survival point and click single-scene game where you will be saving your strange team on a bank of lake in some cold and uncomfortable conditions. What is worst thing, the radio does not play at all.

7. Contre Jur

contre jur

So, you play for one-eyed creature named Petit and help it escape the scene. You have to guide Petit how to walk out the single-screen level by manipulating the local environment. Quite logic and smart thing to play but not for those who dislike black color.

6. World’s Biggest Pacman

world's biggest pacman

Haha, this is about the size does matter. So, our good old Pacman has grown up here in some monster World’s Biggest Pacman and now a level turned into a dramatic long-time battle with ghosts and tablets. Many different maps, huge sizes, the same Pacman gameplay.

5. Doom

Doom browser game

Doom is doom. This one the near-flawless recreation of the good old PC version.Everything just what teenagers of 90s have experienced then now is available in the browser.

4. Motherload

Motherload game

Probably the best dig-and-leave game ever. You play as a Martian digger that literally explores the depth and secrets of the red planet. Dig, earn, sale, upgrade.

3. League of Angels

League of Angels mmo

League of Angels is a hot and fantasy turn-to-base browser MMORPG game where you play for beautiful angels and face the evil creatures that want to rule in this hierarchy.

2. Darkensang Online

darkensang online

Darkensang Online is a free to play 3D RPG game of the next generation where you will enjoy extraordinary visual effects and awesome graphics. Customize your character in probably most detailed ways and join your comrades to fight evil forces. The game world is visually stunning and reminds Diablo 3. But what is most exciting about Darkensang Online that it is all in your browser.

  1. Dead Frontier

dead frontier game

Charming art style. Zombies in 3D. Survival. What else do we need in 2016 when we speak about the best browser-based game of today. This game combines 3D survival horror action and classic MMO gameplay elements and as result we have new experience. In Dead Frontier you battle with hordes of mad zombies that infest the decaying city of Fairview.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of Best Browser Games 2016 and we welcome you to play best free2play titles on Playsterr. Stay tuned and read Playsterr’s Blog.