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Battleships Game

We all remember good old battleships game. Some of us even played this game on a scratch of paper and with pencils in the hands. Today we can enjoy old school game on the Internet in a browser version or on the mobile. The same rules but better appearance and cool sounds. So, in the battleships game you are in charge of battleships division and you must build your navy fleet and choose the right positions to attack the enemy. This is a classic duel game and wins who is left, so make sure you fire wisely and every shell damages the enemy’s ship. Of course, there is a bit of luck that matters because you never know where the enemy hides the fleet. However you can enable you logic and once you damage a section of a ship then you can predict where is the rest sections. Try to sink the enemy’s ships one by one and get extra bonuses and stars.
Battleships Game is a true classic game from that now is available as a browser game on Playsterr. Enjoy the spirit of the sea battlefield and make your best to become a legendary navy commander. Get as many stars as you can and share your result with friends.

Battleships Game Gameplay

Use mouse or tap with fingers to interact with the interface.
Choose positions for your battleships.
Make first attack and try to damage the enemy’s fleet.
The winner is who sinks all the ships.
Get the stars sinking the enemy’s battleships and share your results with friends.

Battleships Game

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