Arena Battle Shooter

Arena Battle Shooter

Welcome to Battle Arena Shooter. This awesome 3D FPS game will suprise you with stunning graphics and effects.
You find yourself in the middle of a battleground face to face with your opponent. No mercy, only endless deathmatch. Move and switch quickly from place to place and from a gun to a gun so that to be first to frag.
This game is probably among the best examples of 3D FPS games in browser. Arena Battle Shooter or Bananabread (project name) was developed by Mozilla team as a showcase of browswer-based 3D shooter.
You will definitely love this game.

Gameplay Instructions

Move with WASD, jump with space, look around with the mouse.
Shoot with the mouse, change weapons with 1-5.
You can change some settings using the main menu (press 0 or `). For example, add another bot with “add bot”, or change the resolution with options->res.
‘e’ toggles edit mode, which lets you fly around the map and actually modify it.
Press 9 to toggle thirdperson mode (to see your own character)
Battle Arena Shooter

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