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How Playsterr works

Play Games Online Right in the Browser

Playsterr has collected a great catalogue of the Free Browser Games of any genre. All our games are created with the help of HTML5 and do not require any installments neither additional content. The HTML5 Games catalogue is the best way to enjoy gaming free and instantly because you simply play in your WEB browser. Thanks to HTML5 canvas the Browser Games became much better than it was previously in the Flash Games age. What is most exciting about HTML5 Games is that you can run in on your mobile devices.

Welcome to the Playsterr’s Browser Games Catalogue.

Browser Games Catalogue

How it works:

  • Admins & Devs upload awesome games to Playsterr
  • Community plays the Games on Playsterr for FREE
  • Publishers get FREE awesome games and embed in their sites
  • Premium accounts Players can earn by simply Playing Games
  • Everyone can earn money on Development/Publishment/Playing games

Playsterr is a platform where everyone is engaged in Gamedev. No matter who you are: Player, Dev or Publisher.

Mobile, Unity and Steam platforms.

Playsterr is not limited just to HTML5 Games catalogue. Playsterr gaming platform provides Mobile, Unity, Steam games catalogues as well. We appreciate and love all types of Browser-based games that perform on any possible platform, whether it is PC, MAC or Android. We deliver hundreds of awesome mobile games, unity-engine hits and steam game titles.
Join and follow Playsterr and find out even more great games though all possible browsers and gaming platforms. Enjoy game news, game bundles and game giveaways in Mobile/ Unity / Steam games catalogues.

Let’s Play Videos

Playsterr gaming community also proudly presents its Let’s Play Video catalogue. There are dozens of best let’s play videos on your favorite games and upcoming titles from most interesting letsplayers. Do not miss our Let’s Play Videos feed and watch the latest videos, it updates daily.

Partnership and programs

Playsterr is seeking new talents and rockstar game developers, interested publishers and top gamers. Do not miss an opportunity to turn your hobby into passive income and join Playsterr platform. If you are a developer of indie project we will help you span a growing gamer audience and deliver as much exposure to your game as possible. Publishers and gamers can also benefit from our Playsterr program.
Do not hesitate and apply for Playsterr program, we will enjoy the gaming together.
Browser-based games one love!