Month: January 2018

Without any doubt, computer games have long become a unique art form of its own. At Playsterr we truly believe that any art in its essence is a true driving force of creativity that should mesmerize and shock minds by delivering unique content in any form. Making a debut as a simple and even primitive form of entertainment, it has progressed from scripted demos to visual masterpieces. Programmers ...

The Plagues of AAA Game Design

AAA Games

As gamers, it’s easy to lambast developers when games don’t meet our expectations. Fable and Peter Molyneux, for example, were well deserving of criticism after Fable’s mechanics did not live up to Molyneux’s wild claims. However, we must also take into account that often, game developers really do sometimes face insurmountable hurdles that plague game development. These are hurdles that go beyond...

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