Month: February 2016

Tetris Online

Tetris Online

Tetris Game Welcome to Tetris Game! This is an awesome adoptation of classic Tetris to a smooth and good-looking browser version. The gameplay is still the same: you must combine figures so that make them fit in a line and score. The more lines you hit the higher score you get. You can play this game in your browser on PC or mobiler/tablet devices. Time goes on and on but Tetris still is one of th...

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game Awesome and easy version of good old Monopoly board game. Now it is available in your browser. This great board game was first created in 1903. Over 100 years has passed and it is still popular as board and digital game. What is Monopoly game concept? In few words: Wheel and deal your way to the top of a real estate empire! This is a simulator of big business operator and how to buil...

Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online This great board game was first created in 1903. Over 100 years has passed and it is still popular as board and digital game. What is Monopoly game concept? In few words: Wheel and deal your way to the top of a real estate empire! This is a simulator of big business operator and how to build a corporate giant from the ground. This master piece is a definite classic from 20th centur...

Zombie Pacman

Zombie Pacman

Zombie Pacman: Survival Horror Game You find yourself in a gloomy and dark labyrinth. What is even worse, this scary place is literally infested with dozens of zombies. They walk around every corner and seek some flesh and brains. Keep moving fast and avoid any contacts with the infected. In order to walk out from this dead place you must collect the pills that are left across the labyrinth. Somet...


Swooop game

Swooop: Plane Simulator Game Have you ever wanted to control a plane and feel yourself as a captain and see clouds and mountains peaks? Then you are on the right page! Meet Swooop Game – Cute Browser Avia Simulator that lets you be in charge for a little plane. This game is loved by its fans first of all because its arts and simplicity. There are beautiful landscapes of some awesome island. ...

Tanks Online

Play Tanks Online

Tanx: Tanks Online Welcome to the battlefield. No mercy, no tears, just plenty of aggressive tanks in 3D Arena. You play as a swift yet powerful tank and battle your opponents from accross the world. Great Multiplayer game with 4 different teams and score. Combat and destroy tanks from other teams and get more points for your own team. The first team that destroys 32 enemy tanks will win the round...

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. It is the second mobile-exclusive game in the Assassin’s Creed series to be released after Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and the first on mobile to incorporate the third-person urban traversal-style gameplay as seen in the main console titles. The game was initially soft-...


raydemption game

Raydemption Ray, the main character of Raydemption has waken up in a grave. He has no idea how he got there. Time to figure out things and get out somehow. There is inventar with different stuff. Chose things an interact with the environment using right click. This underground puzzle game will suprise you with awesome yet intriguing story and cool arts. Walk through the game and know who and why d...



  Deathbash Hey stranger, welcome to Deathbash! This is hardcore battle arena game where you play as a cool well armed warrior. You must survive infinite waves of monsters and hold as long as you can. Fight bravely and improve your score so that become the king of battle arena. Use left click for burst fire and right click for shutgun. The bastards definitely won’t love it. This game is...

Galaxy Domination

Galaxy domination game

Galaxy Domination Tap game with cool arts and easy gameplay. You control a space shuttle that jumps from one planet to another. Be careful, there are asteroids and moons spinning around the planets. Also, the planet itself is dangerous for you, the inhabitants got rockets! So jump as quickly as you can. Enjoy this tap game and discover strange planets. Back to the games catalogue

Tower Defense Game

Tower Defense Game

  Tower Defense Game New great game with nice arts in the genre of Tower Defense. It really reminds good old the Heroes of Might and Magic in terms of arts and gameplay. However this game will please you with Online gameplay features and oldschool spirit. The game is set in a fantasy world of swords and magic. It is turn-based strategy and celled arena. So, you hire and command your army and ...

Space Duel

spaceduel online

Space Duel This is smart yet beautiful turn-based duel game the is set in outer space. You are in charge to command a space battle ship and looks like you have encoutered another space ship and the fighting is invevitable. Find their weak sides and attack them step by step damaging the engine system of the enemy. Wins not who is right but who is left. Back to the games catalogue

Digital Mist

Digital Mist game

Digital Mist Welcome to the battle arena with SCI-FI setting. You find yourself in some deep space base. You are well armored and got the guns. Of course you are not alone in this dark yet dangerous place. There are other warriors that infested this ship. Hide and seek, find and destroy the enemies before they spot you first. This is great multi-player game for everyone who is in love with battle ...

How to Make Money Playing Games

Make money playing games

There is no secret that the generation of milllenials consider the Video Games as a part of their culture, life-style and pastime. But if millions of people all over the world love and enjoy playing games everyday does not this mean that the Video Games and Online Games have become more than just a GAME? Is this possible to make money playing games today? Probably yes. You are able to make some mo...

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